Time for an All-Purpose Blog

I've decided to start an all-purpose blog for sharing the love.

Today's thought

A Christian (or anyone, I think; I'm not qualified to speak of anyone else's prayer) cannot pray alone, for three reasons.

  1. You are in God's presence.
  2. The saints and the Church are praying with you and for you, always.
  3. Most importantly, prayer is an intra-Trinitarian act.  Jesus prays to the Maker of Heaven and Earth, in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Because we are members of Christ, united to him in baptism, our prayers participate in Christ's prayer.

Contemplative prayer and meditation are sometimes accused of being solipsistic, but they actually undermine self-centeredness.  Even if we pray badly, God meets us in prayer and urges us away from obsession with the self.